'As a Disabled Person, I Implore You Not to Vote for Donald Trump'

Great piece by Robyn Powell for Bustle:

Maybe Trump was mocking Kovelski, maybe he wasn't. The truth is, none of us will ever really know for certain. Nonetheless, given Trump’s long history of disregard for people with disabilities, I am inclined to believe he was in fact mocking the reporter. What I can say is that when I saw the video of Trump appearing to mock someone with the same disability I have, I was appalled. When I was younger, I often experienced this kind of ridicule — but you never expect to see such behavior from an adult. It was truly shocking to see such a horrific act, in front of thousands of people, enacted by someone who wants to be president. Indeed, I will never be able to get the image of him appearing to mock the reporter out of my head, nor will I ever be able to respect someone who has seemingly shown such disrespect.


If Trump becomes president, my life and the lives of other Americans with disabilities will be forever changed — I believe for the worse. We will have a president who continues to violate laws that are intended to expand opportunities for us. A president who couldn’t bother to learn about our issues. And above all, a president who has repeatedly disrespected us.