'The Art of Autism'

In celebrating Autism Acceptance Month, this is a terrific project:

Over the last few weeks, participants have been creating new forms of art on iPad Pro. Though some had previous experience with iPad, most artists had not previously worked with Apple Pencil to create art. Through one-on-one sessions at Apple stores, drawing apps, and other support from Apple these artists gained confidence with the new method and learned how to maximize their creative potential. The participants have differing abilities, and are of different genders and ages ranging from 15 to 53.

The Art of Autism is very excited to lead this series for artists of all abilities. We are grateful to Apple for their support and to the artists for sharing their art and insights. The Created on iPad art exhibit highlights the diversity of art and the creativity of many on the autism spectrum in visual art — and how technology can enhance their experience.

Though I am a fan of the Mac, I don't think there's any question that, generally speaking, an iPad is a far more accessible computer than something like a MacBook. This exhibit is one reason why.