On Apple's Declining Software Quality

Marco Arment, "Apple Has Lost the Functional High Ground":

Apple’s hardware today is amazing — it has never been better. But the software quality has taken such a nosedive in the last few years that I’m deeply concerned for its future. I’m typing this on a computer whose existence I didn’t even think would be possible yet, but it runs an OS riddled with embarrassing bugs and fundamental regressions. Just a few years ago, we would have relentlessly made fun of Windows users for these same bugs on their inferior OS, but we can’t talk anymore.

Marco's piece has gotten a lot of attention, good and bad, but it's my opinion that he makes many good points in his piece. As I tweeted last night, the crux of Marco's argument seems to be this:

The problem seems to be quite simple: they’re doing too much, with unrealistic deadlines.

That's a reasonable stance. Marco attributes marketing priorities as being perhaps too influential towards shipping schedules, but the bottom line is that maybe Apple should slow down and refocus. I'd say Apple's ambitions are exceeding their ability to carefully and completely QA software.