Apple Must Love Pat Bowlen

FOX Sports reports on how the Denver Broncos are embracing the iPad:

A Colorado-based company called PlayerLync created the app, which appropriately features a Broncos logo. A key aspect of the software is the automatic updates. When the coaches and video department drop video into the system, the iPads are loaded wherever the players are in the facility (there are wireless hotspots on ceilings throughout the building), and they can complete downloads at home provided they have wireless service.

The notifications portion of the app is like a souped-up to-do list. Things like schedules, travel itineraries and nutritionist meal programs are listed there. When a team meeting is about to start, a notice pops up like an instant message.

The playbook section is dense, interactive and, arguably, the most important. In the app, players and coaches can write notes, and highlight Xs and Os using the tablet screen. Those playbooks are then saved on the Broncos server. As the season progresses and the coaches alter plays for a specific opponent, those updates will be loaded into the tablets.

This is very cool. It seems analogous to the iBooks textbook thing Apple’s pushing.

(via Shawn Blanc)