Apple, NHL Close to Finalizing 'Major Partnership'

Rick Westhead, reporting for TSN:

The National Hockey League has informed teams that it is in late-stage negotiations to strike a partnership with Apple that could see the company’s iPads and other technology become commonplace on team benches, TSN has learned.

Three sources familiar with the matter told TSN that the NHL briefed teams as recently as last week about the development.

The NHL has been in talks for several years with Apple and its competitor Microsoft, one source told TSN, adding that the talks with Apple have accelerated after similar talks between the company and the National Basketball Association failed to lead to an agreement.

“It’s possible it could collapse, but it’s pretty far down the path for that to happen,” the source said.

This deal is reminiscent of the one Apple struck with MLB to put iPads in teams' dugouts.

(via MacRumors)