More Health Insurers Adopt Apple's Health Records Feature

Michael Potuck at 9to5 Mac reports on more health insurance companies who have adopted Apple's Health Records API, which allows users to view their health record on their iPhone. Potuck writes there are now 65 participating providers and users will start reaping the benefits of the functionality this fall—this is currently included in the iOS 12 betas, now open to the public.

This feature is exciting from an accessibility perspective. I'm a Kaiser Permanente member, and my health records are stored online when I log into Kaiser's website. The information is available, but it isn't very accessible. The interface isn't exactly user-friendly and my recordfs are presented in relatively small fonts, which makes them hard to find and hard to read. Hence, you can imagine why this Health Records feature is exciting from an accessibility standpoint. Should Kaiser ever bring it to Northern California members—it's available only to Oregon and Washington residents now—then I could use the accessibility features on iOS to make accessing my records more accessible. That's no small feat, especially considering many didabled people have complex health records they need to keep tabs on. The combination of Apple's API and iOS's accessibility features should, in theory, make this much easier and more convenient for them, and for me.