Apple Announces New Design Book

Apple today announced a new product: It isn't an updated Mac Pro, it's a book.

Titled Designed by Apple in California, Apple's self-published book is a "hardbound book chronicling 20 years of Appleā€™s design, expressed through 450 photographs of past and current Apple products," according to the company's press release.

The book goes on sale tomorrow, Wednesday November 16. There are two sizes: a small and a large edition, which are priced at $199 and $299, respectively. (There's also a video that explains the book and has cool footage of Apple's industrial design studio.)

News of this book shocked everyone I follow on Twitter; no one saw this coming. There's been some worry that this release is distracting to Apple and takes focus away from the company's "real" products. I disagree with that sentiment. As Stephen Hackett writes, this book is fine. It's okay for Apple to embrace its rich history, and it doesn't impede the progress of any products currently in development.