'What It's Like Being Verified on Twitter'

Anil Dash details the process he went through to have his account verified:

First, you wake up on a day that seems like any other day, but then, out of the blue: It’s a direct message from the mysterious @verified account! It says “We at Twitter would like to verify your account. Please click this account and follow the instructions.” and then gives you a link to a little guided setup process. I got this on my mobile phone, and wasn’t surprised to find out the whole thing works just fine on an iPhone.

The first thing the setup guide says is “Hi!” and then it explains “Twitter’s verified badge is our way of making sure that this is you.”

With a protected account and a mere 46 followers, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be Verified.

I’m just not meant for Internet celebrity.

(via Shawn Blanc)