'Android is Winning'

Matt Burns for TechCrunch, on why Android is winning:

There is no denying Android’s dominance anymore. There is no way even the most rabid Apple fanboy can deny that iOS is in second place now. Android is winning.

In terms of market share, yes. But market share isn’t the one and only metric.

I don’t give a shit about Android’s market share. Android doesn’t bother me -- I prefer iOS, to be sure, but I don’t waste my posts here disparaging Google’s handiwork out of fanboy-driven zealotry. In all seriousness, the reason I’m linking to this piece is to ask a question: Why are we still doing this? I know Apple and Google aren’t exactly chummy these days, but why are we treating this iOS-versus-Android thing like it’s an arms race? It isn’t, and neither side has to lose to “win”. Android wins market share, fine. iOS has the most developer support and profit, fine. “Winning” is relative. Instead of constantly bitching at each other’s respective camps, why can’t people just use what they like and leave else alone? For crying out loud, if fucking market share was the One Metric to Rule Them All, OS X would’ve been buried six feet under a long time ago. But guess what? Windows and the Mac can co-exist without too much mudslinging. The desktop market is big enough for both OSes, and consumers have the right to go with the platform that’s best for them. And so it goes for mobile.

I apologize for the rant, but the myopic viewpoint Burns offers pisses me off.

(via The Macalope)