AirPlay and Obsolescence

David Pogue for The New York Times, on AirPlay and obsolescence:

AirPlay is a fairly amazing feature. As I described it, “AirPlay mirroring requires an Apple TV ($100), but lets you perform a real miracle: With one click, you can send whatever is on your Mac’s screen — sound and picture — to your TV. Wirelessly. … You can send photo slide shows to the big screen. Or present lessons to a class. Or play online videos, including services like Hulu that aren’t available on the Apple TV alone.”

Only one problem: AirPlay requires a recent Mac — 2011 or newer. The reason, Apple says, is that AirPlay requires Intel’s QuickSync video compression hardware, which only the latest chips include. Apple lists the models it works on.

In my case, AirPlay is irrelevant to me for two reasons:

  1. My main machine is a Late 2008 MacBook; and
  2. I don’t have an HDTV -- no, seriously, I don’t.

Someday, I’ll get an HDTV and an Apple TV. Until then, I’ll continue to miss out on the magic.

(via Chris Martucci)