'Why the MacBook Air Design Never Changes'

Joel Santo Domingo, writing for PC Mag:

Why would one of the most innovative technology companies in the world be glacial in redesigning one of its most iconic products? Why would it want the MacBook Air to look…dated?

The answer seems pretty simple. The design hasn’t changed because, frankly, it hasn’t needed to. The chassis has plenty of internal room for the system’s motherboard, Flash storage, system memory, and enough battery cells to keep the MacBook Air running well past 10 hours. The 11-inch model is the perfect size for an airline tray table, adding to its appeal for frequent flyers. In fact, the 11-inch MacBook Air will fit virtually anywhere a 10-inch tablet, like the full-size Apple iPad, does, and the 13-inch model is still one of the most compact laptops on the market. Both are powerful enough to run Office and multimedia apps, like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Ultimately, consumers continue to buy the chassis design as is, and Apple will continue to make them as long as people want them.

Change for change’s sake isn’t in Apple’s DNA.

As an aside, I question the motive that went into writing and publishing this piece. Are people clamoring for Apple to redesign the MacBook Air? Is the current design unsatisfactory somehow? The author himself concedes that the Air’s hardware is fine as-is, so then why bother with the piece? It’s a waste of words.

(via The Loop)