About the 'After Dark'

After reading Marco Arment’s piece on iced coffee, I saw his post on this week’s episode1 of Build & Analyze.

Regarding the After Dark, Marco writes:

In the After Dark: the EOS M, a dim and deserted Best Buy, and choosing a Retina MacBook Pro model.

For the uninitiated, the AD runs after the end of select 5by5 shows. Dan Benjamin and the host (in this case, Marco) will spend a few minutes talking “off the record” about miscellaneous topics that didn’t make it or didn’t fit in to the show’s topics that week. This is also the time in which Dan and the host debate show titles.

It’s a fun little extra. I used to subscribe to the AD, but there’s a problem: I don’t lisen to every single show on the network, but being that the AD acts as its own “show” in most podcast apps, I always get every single episode, even if it’s from a show I don’t listen to. Because of this, I stopped listening. I really wish there was a way to subscribe to ADs on a per-show basis, but I don’t think there is -- I believe there’s a hacky way to do it, but I don’t want to go that route. It's too bad, though, because I like the AD a lot.

It’s probably just as well I don’t catch the AD anyway. Pocket Casts has runneth over as it is.

  1. Which is downloaded, but I haven’t listened to it yet.  ↩