[Admin Update]

I wanted to announce a couple minor tweaks to my blog.

The first announcement isn't exactly "new", but I'll rehash it anyway. As I mentioned last month, I transitioned from using WordPress's browser-based interface for typing my posts to using MarsEdit, a desktop blog editor for the Mac. While there are a few things I find lacking about the app, overall I find it much nicer to write in. The interface is cleaner, I can write in full-screen if I choose, and I can use block quotes! Still trying to figure out how to add footnotes, though.

The second bit of news has to do with my blog's font. WordPress has this new feature where you can custom design the look of your blog, which includes fonts and CSS. Use of this feature sets me back $30 (yearly) but I think it's worth it. WP teamed up with TypeKit to provide a wide selection of fonts for users to choose from. Even better, if you have a TypeKit account, you can import your fonts to use with your blog. I don't have an account -- yet -- so I decided on one of the pre-populated options. My blog's new font is called Museo Sans. I think it looks really nice; very easy to read. And it freshens the general aesthetic too. The only quibble I have is that I haven't figured out a way to modify the block quote formatting from using the oversized quotation marks to a single vertical line. I'd much prefer the latter.

So those are the two announcements. The switch to using MarsEdit is a behind-the-scenes improvement for me, helping me blog better. The addition of Museo, as I said, helps to freshen the look of things and (hopefully) makes reading easier. I'm contemplating some other, more pronounced changes but I'll post another update if/when I decide to implement them. In the meantime, I hope everyone likes the subtle tweak.