'How Apple Built Accessibility Features Into the iPhone, iPad, and Mac'

Nice piece by Andrew Griffin for The Indepedent on Apple's accessibility efforts, with an emphasis on the video Apple played to open its October 27 MacBook Pro media event.

My quibble with this story is with the subhead. That the video "suggests a new focus" isn't accurate—Apple has always focused on accessibility, going back to the Jobs/Forstall era. (I've heard Forstall in particular was very gung-ho in supporting people with disabilities in iOS.) The "focus" is only new in the sense that accessibility has been more openly talked about, which I think is a reflection of Tim Cook's leadership. Accessibility is more of a focus in the press (cf. this piece) and on stage (cf. the video). But it's always been important to Apple internally; helping people with disabilities, as a company value, has only been amplified externally under Cook. So, no, nothing about the "Sady" video suggests anything new at Apple. Rather, accessibility features may be all-new to its intended audience.