About MobileMe

Wow -- yet another Sunday night with two posts. I must ruminate more today or something.

First, a little background. I pay Apple $99/year to use their MobileMe service and I love it. What MobileMe is is a cloud service that syncs data over the air from Apple's servers down to all my devices and vice-versa. Subscribers also have access to iDisk, which is basically a cloud-based hard drive. I can edit a contact on my iPhone and it'll automatically sync with my iPad and MobileMe's Web interface. I can read an email on my iPad and it'll show as read on my iPhone and me.com. The service may not be perfect, but I love it for the convenience of push everything. It saves me time and my sanity, since I don't have to re-enter the same information in three places.

The reason for writing about this is I was just thinking about how nobody knows what MobileMe is when I tell them about it. It usually starts with this: "Where'd you get THAT email address from?". So then I feel compelled to explain to them what it is and how it works. Then I have to get into full-on geek mode and explain to them the difference between "fetch" and "push". Never mind the whole IMAP/POP3 thing. At that rate, people's eyes would glaze over until they keeled over.

So as a MM subscriber, you can imagine my interest in this...

Steve Jobs (Reportedly) Pissed at MobileMe Dev Team

When an employee told Jobs what the purpose of MobileMe was, the CEO reportedly responded: "So why the fuck doesn't it do that?"

"You've tarnished Apple's reputation", Jobs reportedly said. "You should hate each other for having letting each other down....[WSJ tech journalist Walt] Mossberg, our friend, is no longer writing good things about us."

Then Jobs gutted the MobileMe team and appointed a new front man. As you can see, the service was (still isn't) a bowl of cherries, at least to a lot of people. But it works well for me. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly how Apple could improve on MM in ways that would help me, given my needs. I suppose faster iDisk syncing would be nice, but I don't use the feature enough to really notice any lag. Rumors abound over Apple's plans for the service. Most stories have said Apple plans to make it free and expand on the cloud idea with music and photos. Without getting into the geekery of the pros and cons of cloud storage, suffice it to say I'm not envisioning myself utilizing such functionality. That said, a name change would be a welcome addition and I'm still wishing Apple would change the Contacts app icon on the iPhone to match the one on me.com. It bugs the shit out of me that they're different.

But yeah. MobileMe = The Cloud. One of the many reasons I love the Internet....besides my blog.