'A Toxic Compulsion'

Robin Sloan, in an interview with The Millions, talks forsaking his iPhone:

For me, the iPhone had become a toxic compulsion. It had completed its invasion and occupation of my interstitial time — all those minutes riding the train, waiting in line, that used to be such fertile territory for daydreaming and storymaking.


And sure enough: in the months since the liberation of my interstitial time, I’ve been daydreaming more, jotting down scraps of stories again.

For better or worse, I’m not willing to trade in my iPhone for a dumbphone like Sloan did, but I can relate to the compulsion. The constant connectedness of my iPhone always seduces me, even at times when checking my phone is inappropriate. Sad but true.

I daydream all the time, but probably not when I should. But that’s the point.

(via Stephen Hackett)