A New Home for My iPhone

I’ve been using the dock that came with my original iPhone since buying the phone in December 2007. It spent two-and-a-half years housing that original (now bricked) iPhone, then spent a year as home to my iPhone 4, and now it’s home to my 4S. It’s held up remarkably well, although it’s definitely worn: there are a few scratches around the edges, and the area inside the 30-pin connector is pretty dirty. Sometimes I think I should spend the $29 for a new dock, but never do because, well, what I’m using still does the job. Even so, a replacement would be welcomed.

With this in mind, I was happy to discover tonight (via Daring Fireball) this Kickstarter project for something called the Elevation Dock. As the description notes:

Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. We didn’t stop there - It’s beautifully precision machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous set of surface finishes, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. It complements the high-level craftsmanship of the iPhone like no other.

Be sure to click the link and check out the pictures. Looks pretty awesome. (And, more importantly, functional.)

Like Gruber, I’m in too -- just confirmed my $59 pledge. Ships in April. Can't wait!