'A New Era for Progressives'

Gina Bellafante, reporting for The New York Times:

[T]he mainstream media had not been paying extensive attention. You would have had to be reading The Nation, with its flimsy Emma Goldman-era paper stock and outsider ethos, to keep up. Now, traffic to The Nation’s website is soaring, the magazine’s editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, told me, and the traffic is being driven by coverage of Mr. de Blasio and Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts. Progressivism is now “trendy,” as Ms. vanden Heuvel put it, “though that isn’t exactly the right word because it diminishes the excitement.”

A couple observations here:

  1. It's sad that progressivism is now "trendy". It's good that more people are taking notice, but progressive ideals shouldn't be relegated to "trend" status.
  2. Great to see The Nation gain in readership. The kind of journalism they (and Mother Jones) put out is exactly the refreshing kind of stuff that you'll never, ever see reported on by the mainstream media.