A Blind Eye

I'm quite the paradox -- a legally blind guy with a budding interest in photography. Before I buy any tech product, I like to be a well-informed consumer and read reviews of whatever product I'm planning on buying. My last major tech purchase was the Sony Cybershot T700 last February. While reading CNET's review, I noticed the reviewer's mention of all this technical jargon related to photography: aperture, white balance, macro, shutter speed, and so on. So that got me curious. I decided to Google some of these terms and quickly found that Photography.com was becoming one of my top sites. Lots of great information to be had there. Now I've gotten to the point where I love reading about (digital) photography -- mostly camera reviews (like the Canon PowerShot S90), but also articles on how to take better photos and even pro-centric photo-editing software like Apple's Aperture 3. Granted, I'm all hype at this point -- I haven't actually been taking more pictures, but I know I should. At the very least, it'll give me more content to throw into my MobileMe gallery and Facebook page. But that's where the paradox comes in: it seems strange to me that a blind guy like myself would spark interest in such a visual hobby. Sure, I can point-and-shoot just as well as anyone else, but can I shoot good pictures? Is there a such thing as a blind shutter bug? Or am I amateurish in my attempt to become an advanced amateur? Or maybe I should stop with the over-analysis and start taking pictures.