2Do Goes Free

From the 2Do blog:

2Do for iPhones and iPads is now free to download and use [1]. Dare I say use and not try since it’s so easy to forget how much 2Do will actually offer to the average user, even with a few features on trial. You really need to check it out for yourself to believe. It’s free, so don’t hesitate (although awaiting approval, see footnote below).

The only features on trial (of 14 days) will be Sync, Backups and Alerts. Now that’s huge for an app that won’t rely on subscriptions, adverts or signing you up for unwanted newsletters in order to sell you other unwanted stuff. Pro features will be sold as an in-app purchase, that you only pay for once.

I used 2Do as my to-do app on iOS for a while before recently switching to OmniFocus. (There are myriad reasons, but the biggest one is 2Do isn't the greatest in terms of visual accessibility.) It's a great app, and I hope development continues. But as it's a one-man shop, I'm not terribly optimistic for its long-term future. We'll see, I suppose.

(via The Brooks Review)