John Gruber, weighing in on the iPad as a “laptop killer” debate:

That the iPad is not a substitute for a laptop for everyone does not mean it is not a substitute for anyone. That’s the key to the iPad’s success. Many people don’t need a laptop for their away-from-the-desk computing needs.

Bingo. Just because an iPad might not meet your needs doesn’t mean they won’t meet mine.

As an aside, the author of the article Gruber linked to, Eric Grevstad, describes next week’s iPad 3 event:

PCMag and tech press from all over the world will be in San Francisco Wednesday for what’s already being hyped as an epic, earth-shattering event from Apple. The company hosts an e.e.s.e. a couple of times a year—this one expected to be the launch of the iPad 3.

I have two quibbles here:

  1. Apple’s not promoted next Wednesday’s event as neither a “epic” nor “earth-shattering” event. Much as the Windows/Android fanboys like to disparage Apple users for making every Apple event as important as announcing world peace, the fact is, nobody has ever put these events on such a pedestal.1 So, Grevstad’s coy little jab comes off as total bullshit.
  2. That “e.e.s.e” acronym is fucking stupid -- and in all-lowercase nonetheless.

  1. There’s a difference between being excited for a product unveiling and being excited insofar that it’s like Sunday mass.