Unicode Consortium Proposes 51 New Emoji for 2017

Jeremy Burge at Emojipedia—he's on the Unicode Emoji Subcommitee—has a rundown of the new emoji for next year's Unicode 10. They include breastfeeding, a woman wearing a hijab, a giraffe, and a vampire. There's also glyphs of broccoli and coconut.

It's great to see emoji get more diverse and inclusive with every release—the ones for breastfeeding and the woman in the hijab are standouts here—but there's still more to do. Whenever there's news of new emoji coming, I like to remind readers of a proposal I made in this piece from last January for The App Factor. On diversity and inclusivity, I wrote:

I’d like to see Apple push even further in diversifying the emoji set by working with the Unicode Consortium to create even more diverse and inclusive emoji. Specifically, it’d be great to see emojis depicting persons with disabilities—for example, a person with a blind cane or in a wheelchair. This concept is similar to the “diversity dolls” that many early childhood educators use in their classrooms in order to teach young children that people are diverse and unique.

Almost a year later, I still believe this is an attainable goal worth striving for.