My Big-Ass 2014

Last year, in reflecting upon 2013, I wrote, in part:

As we inch ever closer to completing yet another full orbit around the sun, I excitedly look towards 2014 with great enthusiasm.


I hope to ride into the new year with the same momentum that’s carried me this far. My wish is to successfully continue doing what I’m doing, and for even better things happen this year than last.

I'm happy to report that 2014 was, indeed even better than the year prior. I feel like I grew exponentially over the last twelve months, both professionally and especially personally.

In professional terms, 2014 brought about many exciting opportunities. I feel that the work I did over the course of the year only solidified my place as the go-to person when it comes to accessibility on iOS. My work appeared in a few new places --- MacStories, TechCrunch, iMore, and The Sweet Setup --- which really helped to broaden my audience. Perhaps most impressive is that I was invited in June to attend the WWDC keynote as a member of the press. That was a huge step for me, and it's something on which I continue to build upon.

Speaking of attending conferences, I attended my first XOXO Festival in September. It was a wonderful experience, and I got to meet so many wonderful people. Three months later, I still think back to those few days in Portland with great fondness; I hope that there'll be a 2015 edition next fall.

As I said, 2014 was a great year for me professionally. In the new year, I hope to ramp up my output, make even more connections, and just keep building the foundation that I have underfoot. A new year with new opportunities is waiting to happen, and I can't wait for it all.

* * *

If I distilled down what 2014 meant to me on a personal level, it would be a sentence long:

That eHarmony dating service really does work.

I'll refrain from getting too sentimental here, but suffice it to say that meeting and growing the amazing relationship we share has been so good to me on so many levels. With her, I've traveled more and done more things than ever before. I've relocated across the Bay, to San Francisco, to be with her (and her mom). Being with my girlfriend has made me a better person --- a happier person. We do have our moments, as all couples do, but she completes me, and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.

* * *

On the whole, 2014 definitely had more ups than downs. As the calendar approaches January 1st, I have never been more excited and optimistic for the year ahead. To reiterate what I said to close 2013's retrospective, my goal is to just keep doing what I'm doing, building upon the successes of the year before.

Happy New Year!