About Steven

I'm a freelance tech journalist based in San Francisco, CA. I cover all things related to Apple and accessibility. My work has appeared in several Apple- and tech-focused publications on the Web, including TechCrunch, Macworld, and iMore. You can see a full list of my published works here. What makes my reporting unique is the perspective I bring to my beat; I have disabilities myself, so I'm part of the group who uses assistive technology to access their Apple devices.

In addition to my writing here and elsewhere, I co-host Accessible, a fortnightly podcast about accessibility in tech, alongside my friend Timothy Buck. I also occassionally appear on podcasts to discuss my work, accessibility, and more. You can see a list of these appearances here.

My background is in special education and early childhood development. Prior to becoming a hired pen, I worked 11 years for my (then) local school district as a classrom paraeducator (teacher's aide) to students with moderate-to-severe special needs. The last 9 of those years were spent working with preschool-aged children—many of whom on the autism spectrum.

About the Site

Steven's Blog is written and produced solely by me. This is the place where I write and share.

This unimaginatively-named website is my "home base" on the Internet. The kinds of things published here primarily consist of links (with commentary, sometimes) of stories from around the Web. These stories span my areas of interests, which is everything from tech to sports to food and beyond. I'll also link to new articles I've written as they go live.

In addition to linked items, I do occassionally write feature stories that appear here as well.

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